God's Anger is Real

Becoming a Christian (Salvation) is vital for everyone _ the alternative is unthinkable
For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18)

Everyone is Subject to God's Wrath

If there is anything in your life that can be rightfully described as ungodly or unrighteous, then you are subject to the wrath of God.

There are no degrees of unrighteousness – no distinction between minor infringements and gross crimes or between little white lies and major fraud, for example. Either you are perfectly righteous or you fall short of God's standard, in which case you are subject to God's wrath.

In referring to God's wrath, it is the just sentence of a perfectly righteous God on anything and anyone who is less than perfect.

If you have ever visited a pottery and examined their "seconds", you may sometimes have struggled to spot the fault in an item, but no matter if it is the tiniest flaw or a completely smashed pot, if it isn't perfect then it is deemed to have all fallen short of the pottery's standard and is therefore rejected. It is much like that with God's judgement.

God's Wrath is to be Avoided

It is not possible for the bible to reveal to us the full horror of God's judgement, but it is described in such terms as, "a place of torment", "gloomy dungeons", "darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth" or "fiery furnace". Whatever it is like it is unpleasant in the extreme and to be avoided at all costs.

Such judgement arises not from vindictiveness on God's part, but as a result of our choice to reject God's advances and so to cut ourselves off from God's presence, blessings and provision. Your initial reaction may be that you have lived all of your life without reference to God and therefore to continue to do so into eternity does not sound all that bad. However, this is a fallacy. We have to appreciate that we all enjoy the blessings of God every day whether we deserve to or not and whether we acknowledge them or not.

We live in God's creation – brought into being by God and sustained moment by moment by God. When God withdraws Himself and we no longer enjoy the results of His Grace, we are more like someone who is lost in the vastness of outer space, with no hope of rescue forever. When viewed in this light, the biblical descriptions begin to make more sense.

Only One Way of Escape

Because it is God's wrath, there is no escape – unless, that is, we take the one way of escape provided by God himself and offered freely to all who will choose to accept it by faith.

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